Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 8

Originally posted November 3, 2017, at Women of Purpose. Our passage this week is pivotal to the epistle of 1 Peter. Thus far, Peter has taught us about our gracious, pre-ordained salvation from God the Father; the brevity of our lives, and therefore our trials, in view of the eternality of our living hope and... Continue Reading →


Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 7

Originally posted October 27, 2017, at Women of Purpose. Welcome to chapter 2 of 1 Peter! This week in lesson 7, we looked at Peter’s call to us to put off our old community-destroying patterns of mind and heart by immersing ourselves in the Word of God and our new life in the covenant community.... Continue Reading →

What Would Spurgeon Say… on Prayer?

I recently purchased a complete set of Spurgeon's Sermons for a steal. Unlike finding a Rembrandt in a garage sale, which would yield its worth upon professional appraisal, these volumes may take me decades to mine the treasures of eternal truth found in their pages. (And of course, they are competing for my time with... Continue Reading →

Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 6

Originally posted October 19, 2017, at Women of Purpose. In this week’s lesson we are studying 1 Peter 1:17-25, covering doctrinal concerns including the final judgement and the image of our salvation as a “ransom,” or “redemption,” paid for by the precious blood of Christ. Peter’s eternal view of our life and sufferings now is... Continue Reading →

Because You Are Different

An open letter to our young people. Though the original version of this was written to the young ladies of the homeschool group to which we belonged in Pennsylvania, it applies to young men as well. The clamorous voices of the world have since gotten louder in seeking to drown out the voice of God... Continue Reading →

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